Pipe & Drape

Specialty Pipe & Drape for Weddings / Backdrops

Pipe & Drape:

We currently only rent 20' high Black Premium Drape and 16' high White Premium Drape. These are tall drapes for special events when you need proper ceiling to floor coverage. We can separately supply bases, verticals and horizontals if you wish to do your own backdrop. 8'-20' High.

A 4' high stage requires a minimum 12' drape. Backdrops look best if extended approx 4' past head table on each end.

Past Drape Setups:

Wedding Pipe and Drape

16' High White Premium Drape for a Fashion Show over Hotel Aloft's pool.

Wedding Pipe & Drape sample

12' High Black Premium Drape & Custom stage for "The Village People" as in YMCA.

Pipe and drape

Black Premium Pipe & Drape.

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